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Built for community, by community

We were all job hunters, looking for a better experience and a more fulfilling path. Sophie set up Pollen in 2023 to break down the many barriers people face when looking for an entry-level job. The whole team were recruited through our community of 2,500+ job seekers.


Uncertain, unfair, unsustainable

40% of young graduates are in low-skilled jobs or unemployed. For young non-graduates, this figure is almost 80%. Yet recruitment and retention is employers’ hardest problem to solve.


With increasingly heavy financial burdens to carry, it’s no surprise that anxiety and mental ill health is at an all-time high among young people, affecting not just their own future, but the future of our country.


Pollen believes the current careers model is broken, and we want to fix it.


A fairer pathway

Pollen’s mission is to transform the entry-level job market into a more inclusive and equitable space.

We innovate how job seekers access personalised support, skills and opportunities they need to thrive, and provide employers with access to a diverse pool of talented individuals ready to make an impact. 

Together, we're building a sustainable future of work where everyone has the chance to succeed.


Employers we work with are challenged to think differently about how they find and hire people


Our resource and community platforms are free and available to everyone who signs up 


We're committed to giving quality feedback, clear expectations and open communication


Our inclusive community is there to set everyone up for success, even after day one

Meet the Pollen team

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