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93% of our community wish there were more platforms like Pollen. By committing to the fair hiring standards Gen Z told us they wanted, you'll get the recognition you deserve, open up your talent pool to all kinds of backgrounds, and attract a generation of talent who want to make a difference.

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Just some of our community initiatives:

78% of job seekers say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. We empower our community with the resources, guidance and support they need to succeed. We're committed to providing a positive candidate experience, and want to champion companies who do the same. 


Employers must commit to paying a starting salary of at least the real living wage.

Pollen champions employers who believe in better


Clarity over remuneration and flexible working make job seekers more informed.

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You cannot request experience for entry-level jobs, and we recommend removing the need for degrees.


We expect employers to meet our guideline timelines standards and provide clarity upfront about the process.


Employers should maintain regular contact with their candidates throughout the process.

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We insist that everyone who gets to interview stage receives quality feedback - the more personalised the better

How it works

Promote your company and roles to our diverse community


Complete your application to get accreditation as an inclusive employer

Once accepted, your company will feature on our "Pollen approved companies" page

Post jobs on our jobs board, and send candidates directly to your ATS or application process

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are there eligibility requirements?
    Our inclusive platform welcomes all young people looking for entry-level positions: school leavers, graduates and career-changers. All we ask is that you fill in our sign-up quiz designed to understand where your strengths lie, what you enjoy doing and the types of roles you may be suited to. More than anything, we want to unearth potential and help you find a job that’s right for you. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to our community space where we post new jobs, share resources and where you can meet lots of like-minded individuals sharing their experiences too.
  • What's involved in the sign-up quiz?
    At Pollen, we believe in helping people discover their ideal career. That’s why we developed a unique sign-up quiz that will match your personality, skills and aspirations to the right job. Our quiz is based on a colour behavioural assessment designed to understand your qualities and what jobs you might be best suited to. We also ask questions about your passions, motivations and educational background. All of this information is used in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • What is a colour behavioural assessment?
    There have been several models of colour-based behavioural assessments developed by different individuals and organisations over the last century. These models use colour to represent different personality traits or styles, and can be used to assess individual behaviour and communication styles. Personality type is an important factor to consider when selecting a career. Different personality types can have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to certain career paths. For example, an people-led person may be better suited to a career in sales or customer service, while a task-led person may have an easier time working on their own in a research or analytical role. It is important to understand your own personality type and how it can affect your career choices. Understanding the various personality types can also help employers make the best hiring decisions for their team.
  • How are you different to a recruitment company or jobs board?
    Our ambition is to change the way in which young people find a career that’s right for them. We believe the outdated methods of finding a job unfairly expect you to know what you want to do and how to go about finding opportunities in that field. Pollen simplifies the whole process. We don’t want to pigeon-hole you into a job that isn’t suitable or waste your time with companies that don’t treat their applicants as they should. Plus there’s no mindless scrolling if you’ve no idea where to start, as everything you see is backed up by data and algorithms. Our only motive is to do you justice, by connecting you with employers who share our values, and giving you the support you need to find and succeed in your perfect job.
  • How do you make your hiring processes fair and inclusive?
    The results of your sign-up quiz are used to produce a standardised profile that focuses exclusively on your qualities. No more stressing about design, worrying about that grade, or trawling thesauruses for a fancier word. Our algorithm matches suitable candidates to different job opportunities, so you'll only be invited to apply for jobs that are relevant. Once you're invited to apply, you'll be able to carry out the necessary skills challenge. You'll receive quick feedback on how you did so you know whether you've been shortlisted as a match on the employer's side, or if you haven't, you'll know how the decision was made. This gives you the chance to improve your skills for next time with the help of our community, or consider different types of roles altogether. Some employers may have minimum criteria (as approved by us) which is why we request some academic information. If you meet this it will never feature in your profile. Our aim is to remove unconscious bias, making traditional elements of a CV redundant.
  • What is a skills challenge?
    If we share a job that could be right for you, we invite you to take part in a challenge that gives you a flavour of what it's like to do that job. We know that job specs are full of jargon, so skills challenges are designed to help you better understand what the job is really like. If you hate doing it, at least you know sooner rather than later! Skills challenges also mean you can prove your skills, instead of worrying whether your CV is up to scratch or if you have enough experience. You'll receive feedback once you've carried out the challenge, with tips and resources to help you improve for next time if you need them. We have skills challenges across a range of categories, from marketing and data, to sales and project management. The idea is that you can keep improving, and try your hand at a variety of job functions that you might not have realised would be suited to you. You'll be able to see how long you're supposed to spend on each challenge, but they usually range from 30-90 minutes in length. Similar jobs will use the same challenge, so if you're happy with what you've done, you can always save time and resubmit it for multiple jobs.
  • Do I have to pay to use Pollen?
    No, everything we provide is completely free for you.
  • What types of companies do you work with?
    Start-up, scale-up, challenger or innovator, the only requirement of the companies we work with is that they share our values. By working with Pollen, our hiring partners are committed to a people-first approach and must truly offer a nurturing, supportive working environment for the candidates that are placed. All our partners also offer successful candidates a fair salary and do not require previous experience. We are big supporters of small and medium-sized employers using our platform. Collectively, they make up the majority of private sector employment in the UK. We believe one of the barriers to an effective entry-level employment system is a lack of exposure to these businesses – who all want great people too. But let’s face it, gone are the days where you find one job for life. Some people may be better suited to larger organisations – it’s all about finding what’s right for you. We’re also big supporters of sustainable businesses so you’ll likely come across companies who are doing great things for people, and the planet.
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